Bear with me.


I don’t really like writing autobiographies like this, but since I’m doing it, you might as well enjoy it. Ok here it goes.. My name’s Pamela Vasquez Parreno, and I’m 16 years old. People often mistook me for some cute korean girl (the cute part isn’t really necessary) in which, is a good thing to hear. I am white, redheaded, and a long haired girl. I’m not the type of a person who would usually like to mingle with others, instead, I would rather be alone in my room watching anime or reading manga( a lot of them). Oh and, speaking of anime, my favorite genre is yaoi or Boys love as others would say.
I find it too amusing. Why?

For the fact that two boys being able to go out together, being lovey dovey in public, and are capable of understanding one’s feelings. I mean it doesn’t really happen in reality, like homosexuals being able to be accepted by the society itself. So whenever I read yaoi, it feels like completely different from the reality. How the society accepts them for who they are.. boys liking boys and girls liking girls, and do not bash them but respects them for the choices they make.
Okay enough of that, as much as I would like to be melodramatic in explaining what yaoi means to me, I still have a long way to go in introducing myself. So as I was about to say,reading or watching yaoi is my like but I also have other likes, and that is watching American tv series,listening to some kpop and jpop music and playing internet games (e.g internet checkers, dress up). But if you’re talking about the kind of like as in likey-like,then the top of it would be my husband KEVIN WOO.

Yeah, he’s got the looks, the talent and like everything. I know that he’s too handsome to be too appreciated by our naked eyes, but thank goodness I was able to be born with different set of eyes, the one that could see the awesomeness of his (I know I’m creepy). Well, I do like a guy with white and silky skin, the one with a cute face and a feminine personality (but not gay). A guy who’s tall and intelligent, strict and mature and definitely loves anime or kpop is a hit for me. But since I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend (in my case, I’m a NBSB type of a girl) and would not allow myself to have one either, I would expect thyself to just merely stalk him(I am good at that :D).

I know for myself that I’m not the typical girl next door type of a girl (let alone being a popular one) but I do have characteristics that are different from others, like sense of humor and way of thinking, and because of that, I could say that I’m a quite unique person. So do not expect much from me, since it’s up to me if I’ll either fail your expectations or not.


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